Packing with ease


Hey y’all, happy Monday! I apologize for the month long hiatus but life has been crazy busy and blogging had to be put on the back burner (unfortunately), but I’m back! Back from vacation, feeling refreshed and re-energized. May in Indy is my favorite month, so I hope you all enjoyed the race and Memorial […]

50 Women, 1 Bus, Tons of Shopping


Hey all! Hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to get out and enjoy the sun. I know I was soaking up as much Vitamin D as humanly possible and getting my shop on! Saturday was our first Resale Bus Tour of the year. The weather was perfect, the company was amazing (40+ […]

Resale vs Thrift vs Consignment


Thrift, resale, consignment, buy-outright… it can all be a bit mind boggling to say the least. Often times I’m asked “what is the difference between a consignment shop and a thrift store”?   I, myself, was one of those people that just assumed they were all the same. One being non-profit and the other being a […]

Spring has sprung!


The weather is finally (again) changing and spring is upon us! Anyone else have a little extra pep in their step? As we move in to a new season and freshen up our wardrobes, I’m sharing some tips as to how you can prep this season for the next and maybe make some cash in […]

Casual entrepreneur – Behind the scenes


Hi ladies! Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start this off with a little bit of info about myself and I how discovered my love for resale. I’m a thirty-something year old wife, dog mom of two and self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast. I married my husband Will in 2015 and we both share the same […]