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It’s not really “work”

Hello gorgeous! Vena and I just got back from our annual NARTS (National Assoc. of Resale and Thrift Stores) conference and our heads are spinning with knowledge and new ideas. However, while attending all the workshops and doing as much networking as humanly possibly in those 5 days, I sat back and realized just how much I LOVE MY JOB. Sure, I may not get to lay around my house all day – every day sippin’ champagne and soaking up the rays, but I’m surrounded by talented, genuine, badass boss babes (and men) and that in itself is more than the drinks and sun. Yes I work outside of my home and I love it! I love my staff, my customers and all these amazing ladies I’ve met along the way. Did I build this empire? Absolutely not. I’ll admit it, I married in to it, but I bust my ass and love it as though I did. I basically shop for a living… BOOM!

Thanks for reading.

xo, Tiffany