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Packing with ease

Hey y’all, happy Monday! I apologize for the month long hiatus but life has been crazy busy and blogging had to be put on the back burner (unfortunately), but I’m back! Back from vacation, feeling refreshed and re-energized. May in Indy is my favorite month, so I hope you all enjoyed the race and Memorial Day. June is now upon us and summer is in full swing!

We just got back from Orlando and had the best time! Disney truly is the happiest place on earth and I love that my husband and I get to go on these adventures together. That being said, I challenged myself on this trip. I ALWAYS over pack. For some ridiculous reason, I think I need to take my entire closet with me. Clothes, shoes, accessories… All. Of. It. Must. Go. Well, not this time. This time I was determined to pack light and only take versatile pieces I knew I’d wear and they must comfortable. Yep, shoes too. We’re only going to be gone for 5 days, I don’t need 6 pairs of shoes. I grabbed my tennis shoes, Birks and favorite wedged sandal – all of which can be worn with multiple outfits for multiple looks. All my bases were covered, done deal.

PS. my moccasins are my “house shoes” so those don’t count 😉

I’ve mentioned several times how obsessed with bralettes I am. Ladies, they’re pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Throw under a comfy top, add a pair of cutoffs and that’s my spring, summer and sometimes fall uniform. Oh who am I kidding, I wear them all winter under those oversized sweaters as well. And that’s exactly what I took. I left the heels and dresses behind. I’m on vacation, I was going to dress and act like it!

Packing tips:

  • If it can be rolled, roll it. Saves times & room
  • Take comfortable and versatile pieces (clothing & shoes)
  • Neutrals colors – they go with everything
  • Sunscreen – don’t leave it in the room, use it. #ouch

Simple. That was my goal. I didn’t have to put much (if any) thought in to my outfits every day and there wasn’t a million different tops to choose from. Just grab and go. Easy. My husband appreciated that as well 😉

Mission accomplished! I packed enough and still had a couple pieces to spare. I didn’t over pack and had plenty of room to bring back some goods I picked up at Disney Springs. FYI the shopping and eating there, specifically the pizza, is amazing! If you’re ever in the area, do yourself a favor & go!

I hope your week is as amazing as you are!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Tiffany