Home Decor

After much research we have fine tuned a list of items and a few guidelines regarding home decor.  Keeping in mind what customers are looking for in home decor please refer to the list below.  Please don’t be offended if we we decline items.  We are limited in space and are being selective in items.   This list will likely change as time goes on and we learn what our customers would like to see.  Vena shared this video on facebook live with details. Watch now>>>https://youtu.be/yc_QFEvwLNw

Home Decor

  • Decorative Pillows (not bedding pillows)
  • Lamps (Must have shades and work)
  • Pottery (no chips)
  • Decorative Signs
  • Dishes (complete sets, no chips, no china)
  • New Gift Items (in packages w/tags preferred so don’t remove)
  • Artwork, Paintings, Wall Art
  • Small Area Rugs
  • Organizers, Trays, Decorative Containers
  • Mirrors (no chips)
  • Cookbooks, How To, Guides (Full of visuals. Bring in and ask)

At this time we will NOT be accepting:
Large Furniture, Appliances, Monogrammed Items, Coca Cola, Board Games, Precious Moments, No Brass


We are accepting Home Decor & Spring Apparel and Accessories
Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Bring items to our current shop.
(Sorry, no fall or winter items. All items will be staged in our new shop.)


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