Giving Back

Selective Seconds Community Giving Program
A special fundraising partnership where we do the work and you reap the rewards!

If your organization needs help with fundraising, we can help!
It’s really as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1. Set up a Selective Seconds Fundraising Account
It’s easy! Simply supply us with you organization’s information (legal name, address, contact info, non-profit tax ID if available) and we will get you started.

2. Rally your Supporters
Encourage your fans, friends, coworkers and family members to clean out their closets and bring their lightly-loved clothing and accessories to Selective Seconds so we can sell them for you for 9 weeks … 7 days a week … and we put 40 – 70% of the selling price into your account. Best sellers are gently used trendy, boutique and designer women’s clothing and accessories.

3. Deposit the Checks
Watch your mailbox for the monthly check made out to your organization and remind your supporters to keep cleaning out. There’s cash in those closets!